Call for Sponsors



Why is sponsorship so important for your company or brand? 

“By making a difference in the community.”

Why is it important for a company to be involved in the community? 

Helps to Increase Brand Awareness:

Getting involved in community activities helps put a human face to your business. This helps to make your business more visible to the community, therefore, allowing people in your community to get acquainted with your business, products, shops, and brand.
Without sponsors, the Fredericksburg Fallen Heroes would not be able to support our veterans or first responders, past and present. Allowing us to place over 1,000 wreaths on fallen veterans graves at Oak Hill Cemetery during the Wreaths Across America campaign.

Howdy everyone! This year, the Fredericksburg Fallen Heroes will be hosting three major events. 

Requiring Sponsors

  1. Fallen Heroes 5 Miller on July 4, 2024, in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.
  2. 5th Annual BBQ Cookoff at the Beach at Town hill Colonial Beach, VA  October 5, 2024
  3. Wreaths Across America December 14, 2024



Platinum Sponsorship

With the Platinum Sponsorship

The highest level of sponsorship offers the most prominent recognition and benefits.
Benefits may include exclusive naming rights for the event or a specific area within it (e.g., “Presented by [Platinum sponsor name]”), ensuring maximum brand exposure.
prominent logo placement on all promotional materials, including event signage, website banners, social media posts, and email campaigns.
recognition in press releases and media coverage related to the event.
speaking opportunity at the event to address attendees or introduce keynote speakers.
complimentary premium booth space for product display or promotion at the event venue.



Gold Sponsorship

With the Gold Sponsorship

A high-level sponsorship option with significant visibility and perks.
logo placement on various marketing collateral such as flyers, posters, and brochures distributed throughout targeted areas of interest relevant to the cause or event.
acknowledgement in press releases related to the event and inclusion in pre-event media promotions like radio interviews,  if available.
preferred booth location for showcasing products and services during events, where appropriate.



Silver Sponsorship

With the Silver Sponsorship

A mid-tier sponsorship level, providing medium-level exposure opportunities while being budget-friendly for potential sponsors.
Logo placement is prominently featured on dedicated sections of websites promoting events, along with mentions in online ads displayed during digital marketing campaigns leading up to an event.
Verbal acknowledgment from the stage by the MC or announcer recognizing Silver Sponsors’ contribution before introducing keynotes or speakers.
Booth space allocation near high-traffic areas such as entrances, exits, or popular attractions.



Bronze Sponsorship

With the Bronze Sponsorship

An affordable starting point aimed at smaller businesses looking to support non-profit events while gaining valuable publicity within their means.
Company logos’ presence on printed material handed out during the registration/check-in process alongside other Bronze-ranked sponsors is highlighted together without individual distinction.
Appreciation is mentioned through social media shout-outs thanking Bronze sponsors specifically, thereby enhancing brand awareness among followers and supporters.